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Moyes Sacked by Man Utd

If you’re a Manchester United fan then I can only apologise, the title of this post is not true. Unbelievably, David Moyes has not been sacked by Manchester United – despite his best attempts at single handedly destroying everything that Alex Ferguson built over the past 27 years. (more…)

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Does The Signing Of Robin Van Persie Shift The Power

Manchester United’s recent acquisition of Dutch striker Robin Van Persie has been cited by many as the signing that shifts the power back in United’s favour and out of Manchester City’s hands. Van Persie is a good player, no doubt about that but I’m not sure he’s what United have been missing. At times United have looked a bit light...

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England Should Not Recall Paul Scholes

Image via Wikipedia Paul Scholes coming out of retirement for Manchester United is looking more and more like a master stroke from Alex Ferguson. Since he returned, Scholes has been a regular in the United team putting in a series of solid performances and giving his would be successors a lesson in ball retention. It’s no co-incidence that Scholes’...

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10 Forgotten Men Of The Premier League

Football teams always have star performers who more often than not become cult figures and are idolised by fans, and these individuals are massively influential on and off the pitch. As a result of this, many other players generally go unnoticed, but are still integral to a team and their fortunes. It is often goal scorers or the footballers who display the most...

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Top 5 Football Managers

Image via Wikipedia Everywhere you look there’s a story about player power these days and the fact that managers have lost the respect they once had. We take a look at 5 managers that command the respect of their players through their unparalleled success… (more…)

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Are The Cracks Beginning To Show At Manchester United?

Image by Getty Images via @daylife As Manchester United celebrate a victory over Ajax in the Europa League, all looks well on the surface for the Manchester Club. Dig a little deeper though and the cracks are starting to show. (more…)

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