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Joe Hart Swears At The Ball Boy

Joe Hart going absolutely mental because someone didn’t return him the ball in less than a second in England’s defeat to Italy… Calm down Joe.

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Outrage over racist abuse during England U21 game

Not for the first time, the powers that be at UEFA find themselves under pressure to act over the issue of racism. The events of Tuesday night during what was supposed to be a routine Under-21 game between England and Serbia were a stark reminder that more needs to be done to rid the game of this most vile of abuse – a lot more. (more…)

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England Caps Going Cheap

I seem to remember Sven always getting abuse for giving England caps out too cheaply, his policy of making wholesale changes in the second half of friendly games was heavily criticised but I’m not sure that he sank to the depths that Hodgson has. There seems to be 2 clear camps when picking players for the England squad, class and form. Class players have...

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Lampard’s Brace Take The Shine Off England Victory

Over the years, as England fans we’ve been lowering our expectations – for some it hasn’t even been a conscious decision. 15 years ago many would have been so bold to predict a 5-0 victory for England when they encountered a team like Moldova but things have changed. Years of England not hitting expectations had fans and pundits predicting a...

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Time To Step Up For England’s Fringe Players

England start off their qualifying campaign for the 2014 World Cup on Wednesday with a number of high profile absentees from the squad. Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole, Scott Parker and Andy Carroll are not included leaving opportunities for players that have previously not had the opportunity to impress in an England shirt. It seems strange to think of players such...

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What’s Next for England?

England come crashing out of another quarter-finals from another penalty shot failure. However is this performance something to look down upon or something to give hope? It is always frustrating going out but one must remember that Roy Hodgson had just a few weeks with these players to implement his tactics. All Roy could really do in such a short time was to...

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