Come Home David Moyes: We Miss you

Sad David Moyes

There was a time when David Moyes was one of the most respected and sought after coaches in the UK. Heralded for consistently leading Everton into the top seven of the EPL despite boasting a far lower net spend than clubs such as Stoke, Sunderland and Newcastle, Moyes even reached the FA Cup final in 2009 and became the neutrals favourite coach.

The decline of Moyes and why England needs him

Moyes’ stock has fallen lower than that of a Volkswagen share in recent times, however, after failing to last longer than eight months as manager of Manchester United and being sacked after less than a year at Real Sociedad in Spain. In his final few months in Spain, Moyes bore the same blank expression that haunted his time at Old Trafford, as he looked tactically one-dimensional and entirely devoid of ideas once his team began to decline.

Now out of work once again, Moyes is either regretting not applying for the Aston Villa job or looking forward to a nice relaxing Christmas at home. While his reputation for stability and longevity may have been tarnished, however, fans in the UK should welcome him back with open arms should he choose to re-join the EPL in the future. After all, he remains a talented British coach with a wealth of experience, while his ability to over-achieve on limited resources is worth its weight in gold.

Return of the Moyes

The bottom line is that while he may not be a tactical genius or a title winner, he is an honest and likable coach with traditional British footballing values. His gnarled and wordly visage would also provide a welcome contrast to the EPL’s growing army of stylish continental managers, who look more like male models than football managers.