Is Mourinho’s time in the Premier League at an end?

While Blackburn’s catastrophic defence of their EPL title in the 1995-96 season was so bad it made you wonder how on earth they won the championship in the first place, at least they could blame a limited squad and the lack of a ‘special’ manager. Chelsea has no such excuses, thanks to their billionaire owner and the presence of a self-proclaimed managerial genius with more cups than an Ikea store.

With this in mind, the Blues’ implosion has been startling this season. And it may yet force Jose Mourinho to cut his losses and continue his footballing journey across Europe.

Why Mourinho may call it a day

In truth, we should have seen this coming. After all, Mourinho has never extended his stay at a club beyond three seasons, thanks primarily to his prickly nature and the fact that he fails to develop either young talent, or his teams’ playing styles. With a lack of summer recruitment also leaving a squad that is demotivated and unable to play a progressive style of play, Mourinho has unwittingly masterminded his own downfall.

His confrontational and stubborn nature is also designed to create a siege mentality within the club, but this may have become too ingrained in his players’ psyches. Take Diego Costa, for example, who seems more preoccupied with physically engaging defenders and antagonising them than troubling opposition goalkeepers, which may explain his paltry return of three goals this term. Cesc Fabregas looks similarly lost and disorientated, while Mourinho’s continued campaign against officials is little more than an excuse for his team’s poor form.

Ultimately, Mourinho’s ego is such that he cannot allow his reputation to suffer throughout the course of this season. This is why we expect him to continue to make excuses for the foreseeable future, before ultimately resigning his post and seeking out employment elsewhere in Europe (Paris St. Germain, anyone?).