Roberto Baggio Penalty Miss World Cup USA 1994 – Phoenix From The Flames

If you’re over the age of 30 and like football then the term Phoenix From The Flames will probably mean quite a lot to you. Back when Skinner and Baddiel were good, Phoenix From The Flames was easily the best bit on their show Fantasy Football League. If you don’t know what it is, it’s when you recreate a goal or moment from past football history (usually with some element of comedy).

20 years later the pod team have made a Phoenix of our own – Robert Baggio’s penalty miss in the World Cup final USA 94.

Special thanks go to The Fancy Dress Experience in Headingley for sorting out the Baggio and Taffarel wigs and also to Westbrook YMCA/Wanderers for the loan of the pitch.

And here’s the original…


Some Advice For Maxi Lopez – Football Banter Podcast

Copa Libertadores da América 2009

Copa Libertadores da América 2009 (Photo credit: Robvini)

As I step back into the pod with the massive responsibility of pressing the record button the team discuss Maxi Lopez and his weird love triangle, Liverpool’s victory over Manchester City and their title chances and Arsenal’s wild celebrations following their FA Cup semi final victory over Championship side Wigan.

Want to get involved in the podcast? Leave a comment and I’ll get the team to respond in next weeks episode, you might even get a name check!

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