Raheem Stirling has killed football (GIF)

Another over-hyped, over-paid young England international has made his ‘dream’ move. But at what cost?

Raheem Stirling’s antics over the past six months have left a bad taste in the mouths of many football fans. From ridiculously pious and misguided interviews through to his bully-boy caricature of an agent, Stirling is just about everything that is contemptible about professional football in 2015.

I certainly hope Man City know what they are letting themselves in for, and in many ways do wish for Stirling to fulfill his over-inflated potential. But for now, there is only one thing related to Stirling that brings me any sort of levity, a GIF of him looking like a twat…

Raheem left hanging GIF


Soccer is here to stay

As the Yanks begin to tire of juiced-up morons smashing each other to pieces in the name of ‘football’, it seems there is a new game finding favour in the US of A.

Yep, your read it here first the countries win in the Women’s World Cup is just the beginning, soccer football is beginning to gain a serious following on the other side of the pond. While the NFL is in need of change following its acceptance that smashing your head repeatedly causes brain damage, MLS is thriving.

And if the women are anything to go by, it might not be too long before the men’s team  (buoyed by their recent friendly victory over World Champions Germany) start to make a serious mark in international tournaments.

In the meantime admire Carli Lloyd’s hat-trick goal from Sunday’s final. Turns out women can play football after all…

Sweeper keeper fail

Not everyone can be Manual Neuer. A fact for which I am largely grateful. In the order of German goalkeepers we’ve seen over the past 20 years, he is marginally less annoying than Oliver Kahn and slightly less arrogant than Jens Lehmann.

But, unfavorable comparisons aside, he is probably the best keeper in the world right now and has popularised the ‘sweeper keeper’ style. It’s a style that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the goalkeeping fraternity. But not all keepers are created equal, and the Jamaican keeper Duwayne Kerr dropped a clanger when he left his area to head the ball directly at a Paraguay player who promptly scored.

Wilshere in smoking hot form for England


He’s brilliant. He’s rubbish. He’s the new Gazza. He’s the new Scholes. He shouldn’t smoke. He should smoke. Well, on the pitch at least – and for England not the Gooners…

Wilshere has claimed England’s man of the match title in six of England’s last Euro 2016 qualifiers. Beckham was probably the last player to show that kind of consistency for the national side.

It doesn’t hurt that he scored two absolute belters either. His first from the Slovenia match is above, the second below.

Silly season starts…

It’s that time of year again. No football in Europe bar a few unsatisfactory friendlies and some b-rate international tournaments.

The silly season is well and truly upon us. And if you already didn’t care which dressing room will be pandering to Raheem Stirling’s inflated ego next season, look away now. The transfer window is nearly upon us, so we thought it would be useful to give you a handy tool to sort fact from fiction as the rumour mill gets into full swing.

Sky Bet Transfer Trends

The Billion Euro Game

So this is why Sepp Blatter held onto power like a knackered old limpet of the hull of his beloved ship. Football is quite literally worth billions.

Ahead of this weekend’s Champions League Final a new guide has shown just how much money the big game is worth, making a claim that it is now the richest single game in football.

We included it below so you can take a look. It’s enough to make any Swiss septuagenarian’s palms sweaty…