Premier League Striker Effectiveness Graph

Taking a look at the most effective strikers in the premier league in terms of appearances, goals and assists. Unsurprisingly Luis Suarez leads the way, and Manchester City have 2 candidates in the top 5 – perhaps a little more surprisingly, Yaya Toure makes the top 5…

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Daniel Carvajal Tackled By Corner Flag

It’s not enough to have opposing players trying to get the ball off you, even the corner flag is at it too. Check out this impressive piece of defending play on Real Madrid’s right back…

Target Practice At Royal Antwerp

If this is how they practice shooting at Royal Antwerp then I’m moving to Belgium…

Is That A Referee Celebrating A Goal?

Hang on a second, Neil Dans hits a 30 yard thunderbolt for Blackpool against Oldham and look who does the best celebration, surely not? Yep, the ref…

Vincent Tan, The Funniest Man In Football Tshirt

Hot on the heels of our Luis Suarez T-shirt comes this beauty celebrating the funniest man in football right now, Cardiff city owner Vincent “why doesn’t the goalkeeper score more goals” Tan.


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Amazingly following Cardiff’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland this afternoon Tan could be seen booing his own team from the stands. what a legend!

Luis Suarez Che Guevara Tshirt

Check out our Luis Suarez Che Guevara tshirt – viva la revolucion!


Annoyingly for England, the Uruguayan is in scintillating form lately and we’re sure you’ll see a few of these in the coming months.