The World Cup Draw Is A Massive Crock Of Shit

I cannot be the only one thinking this. The draw for the Brazil 2014 World Cup happens tomorrow and unless you have a doctorate in maths you won’t have a clue what’s happening. FIFA’s ridiculously complex system means the average football fan has no chance of knowing what’s going on with tomorrow’s draw – even the journalists who are paid to understand cannot explain it.

There are 2 certainties that will happen with the draw – 1) England will get screwed over and 2) France will get an easy ride. Blatter and Platini combined will guarantee that.

The Return Of The Podcast

We’d love to say we’re back by popular demand but much like a lot of the content on our show, it simply wouldn’t be true. If you like your football with a slice of bullshit and riddled with factual errors, you’ve come to the right place. It’s good to be back!

Have Arsenal Got What It Takes?

There’s no doubt that Arsenal have played scintillating football this season, their interchangeable midfield with their constant motion, ever present triangles and subliminal ball retention, but few would back them to be lift the title when all is said and done. The fact that arsenal at the time of writing are 7 points clear of the chasing pack makes this all the more interesting. United are finding their feet under Moyes, City have been inconsistent at best and Spurs have struggled to gel this season. Liverpool are showing some consistency but perhaps lack the required mettle, and Chelsea are almost in mini-transition, so surely this season is playing right into Wenger’s hands?

Arsenal’s problem is a simple one, they lack strength in depth – their squad doesn’t have the ready made replacements that you would appreciate with a title winning team. An injury to Olivier Giroud for example could have serious implications. Where would the goals come from? Theo Walcott could fill a gap perhaps but he doesn’t offer the presence that Giroud does and Walcofan, is more effective on the wing.

Wenger will surely recognize this and the January transfer window offers him a solution to his problem, but Wenger is stubborn and rarely fills the gaps the rest of us see when the opportunity arises. There’s no doubt that this season is Arsenal’s best chance to lift the title in many years and they should be taken seriously as contenders but will they see out the job this time?

I’m not an Arsenal fan but it would be good to see them lift the title this season, if only to break the monotony from the usual suspects.

Is This The Worst Miss Of All Time?

Yes it is. Congratulations go to Gillingham’s Adam Barrett.

Forest v Reading

Forest take on Reading this Friday as the race for promotion heats up, check out this infographic from Sky comparing the teams…

Nottingham Forest vs Reading Football Infographic

Provided by Sky Bet, Title Sponsor of the Football League.

Artur Boruc’s Silky Skills

Goalkeepers don’t get enough time on the ball, I’d love to see a bit more of this kind of thing – so let’s not condemn Boruc for his catastrophe – let’s applaud him for trying and ultimately, entertaining us all. He’ll definitely be getting a Christmas card from Olivier Giroud this year…